About us

Kakhuri Gvinis Marani (Kakhetian Wine Cellar)

• Vision
To be the winery that follows and continues Georgian 8000 years old winemaking tradition and creates finest wines for everyone enjoyment.

• Our Mission
We as a family owned winery are committed to growing, producing, and selling exceptional Georgian wine by merging our traditions with modern winemaking technologies.

• Value statement
Our Values are based on traditions, Quality, Integrity and Mastership.

• Traditions
Our company is based on generations old winemaking traditions of our founders.

• Quality
We produce wine from handpicked finest grapes harvested in our own vineyards. Our company produces up to twenty distinctive wines that have received multiple medals at international exhibits and tastings.

• Integrity
The reason we produce wine from our vineyards is that we are able to control the quality and grape. When it comes to quality of vineyards and grape there is no compromise. We pride in our reputation as one of the top Georgian winery and provide only the best quality wine to our customers.

• Mastership
Our wine is produced by top winemakers in Georgia, whose ages old passion of winemaking has accumulated great knowledge and experience of producing finest quality Georgian wine.